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Message to applicants from HR Job Description
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Recruitment for New Graduates

About us : Characteristics

Our company is for engineers. Most of employees are technicians or/and researchers, and some are from overseas such as United Sates, China, Korea, and etc.
Our major business is developing inspection system, manufacturing it, and sale. We are entrusting a cooperation company for manufacturing.
We are proud of ourselves regarding inspection machines for flexible tape circuit board.
We are promoting research and development and driving for being a top of the world.

Important Functions of the Position

We are looking for someone who is strongly interested in optics system technology, highly sophisticated mechanism technology, high speed electric circuit technology, and algorithm(software).

Job description

Developing equipment (mainly image inspection machines)

  1. Software engineer
    Developing image processing algorithm and sequence software for mechanical trigger.
  2. Circuit design engineer
    Developing software in order to process for digitalized image taken with a highly precise camera.
  3. Machine design engineer
    Developmet design for mechatronics equipment: specification modification or/and additional new functions. Also, developing both motor part and box part.
    Optics and lighting technology: camera technology, lighting technology, and lens design are fields to be developed in order to take super fine images.

    *Please apply with an entry sheet.
entry sheet

Preferred major

Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer science


Kanazawa University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, The University of Electro-Communications, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technologies, Yokohama National University, Overseas Universities

Guidelines for applicants

Starting salary Master Degree: 244,000(JPY)/month
Bachelor Degree: 220,000(JPY)/month
Technical College: 196,000(JPY)/month
(PhD: separate)
Benefits Benefits for overtime work and household, commuting expense, etc
Raise Once (1) a year
Bonus Twice(2) a year (July and December)
Working hours Flex time system
8:45-17:45(core hours 10:00-15:00)
Holidays Twice(2) a week, national holidays, paid holidays, summer vacations, and winter vacations
(holidays: 124days a year)
Working hours without overtime 1928 hourse/year, 160 hours/month
Working place Tokyo head office
Insurance Health insurance, Social security pension insurance, Employment insurance, Worker's accident compensation insurance
Welfare Retirement allowance, Worker's asset building savings, Benefit society
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