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Fire Fighting Related Equipment

Fire Fighting Related Equipment

Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Totaliser Gauge for Fire-Fighting Pump Truck / Flame Sensor

The overwhelming market share proves our reliability and technology . . .

Flame Sensor

Three Wavelength Type Infrared Flame Sensor
  IFD-2300 Incorporating KGK's cutting-edge technology, IFD-2300 offers quick and accurate flame detection quality with three infrared wavelengths. With round-the-clock unattended monitoring system, IFD-2300 accurately distinguishes flame from sunlight both in and outside the building. Another version of the product for use in tunnels is also available.
Catalog price IFD-2302:450,000 JPY
IFD-2312:470,000 JPY
IFD-0300S:600,000 JPY
*Three Wavelength Type Infrared Flame Sensor IFD-2300
We sell not only the flame sensor for the explosion-proof treated but also the single piece of sensor module.


Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Totaliser Gauge for Fire-Fighting Pump Truck

With a dominant share in Japan, KGK's widely used flowmeter for fire-fighting pump trucks secures appropriate volume of water regardless of hose condition. Working with the totaliser gauge, the flowmeter tells you an accurate volume of water used.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Catalog Download
(1)Flowmeter Brochure
(2)Flowmeter Presentation
Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Totaliser Gauge EMF-300A
Totaliser Gauge EMF-300A
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