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CSP/TAB Tape Inspection Systems
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CSP/TAB Tape Inspection Systems

With high speed and advanced imaging technology,our easy-to-operate systems enable top quality production of reliable Chip Size Package(CSP) and Tape Automated Bonding(TAB) tapes.

Pattern Inspection System (IS-9830)

Employing highly accurate multiple(3, 5 or 7) CCD camera systems with a resolution of 3.2µm, IS-9830 enables superior inspection of 20µm-wide fine patterns at a constant transfer speed of 24mm/sec. CSP tape(Example)
CSP tape(Example)

TAB Inner Lead Inspection System (IS-9700)

With fast speed and high accuracy (1µm), IS-9700 detects bends on inner lead patterns.

LCD tape(Example)
LCD tape

Via Hole Inspection System

At a fast speed of 40mm per second, KGK's Via Hole Inspection System provides high quality detection for ball pads on rear side of CSP tape.

Tape Verify Station

The system allows an operator to view a close-up image of each defect and decide whether to pass or not before marking.
Via Hole Inspection System Tape Verify Station
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