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3D measurements scanner

We can offer you with 3D geometry measurements at low cost. Our scanner unit is available for your in-line application. Inspection data is transferred to PC by only USB connection. Inspection result can be shown on PC by self-developed analysis software in real time. We are ready for geometry measurements of various objects upon your request.



·Available for in-line application and simple installation
·Non-contact measurements with laser technology
·Simple data transfer by USB connection
·Space saving for inspection line


·Height of BGA / CSP bumps
·Height of BGA / CSP solder pastes
·Height and coplanarity of flip chips
·Height and coplanarity of connecter pins of printed board
·Warpage of printed board
·Height of bonding wires
·Warpage of wafer
·Warpage and flatness of mechanical parts
·Available for various objects upon request


3D measurements items Height
Various measurements items is possible
upon request
Inspection speed 15 mm/sec.
Possible measurement Height 0.1mm
Resolution 8.5µm
View width 8 mm
Repeat accuracy 8.5µm
Distance between work and scanner 18.5mm
Dimensions 410 (L) × 210 (H) × 120 (W)
Weight 5kg
Interface USB2.0
Supply voltage AC 100V

Photograph of scanner unit

scanner photo 1
scanner photo 2
scanner photo 3

Example of use

Example of use

For questions and requests

If you have a question and request for our 3D measurements scanner, please contact the following address.

Example of request
·Detailed presentation
·Test device
·Proposal for theme under consideration
·Test by using actual object

Contact address
Sales department
e-mail kgksales@kgk.co.jp
TEL 050-3537-2142
FAX 03-3398-0014
2-3-9 Amanuma Suginami-ku Tokyo 167-0032 Japan
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