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1971 Shunsaku Nakauchi establishes KGK Corp. with a capital of 10 million yen for the business of developing electronic products.
1972 Manual handling magnetic card reader developed.
1973 Japanese character (Kanji) input device developed and produced.
1975 KGK Corp. increases capital to 21 million yen.
Electromagnetic flowmeter for fire engines launched.
Infrared flame sensor developed and marketed.
1976 Explosion-proof type flame sensor developed and marketed.
1977 Planar camera system for scanning both sides of stock certificates developed.
Ultrasonic intruder alert system developed.
Magnetic passbook inspection system developed.
Fire alarm with terminal operation checker developed.
1978 Electric typewriter using Japanese character developed.
1979 Custom LSI Inspection System developed.
Flare monitoring system (fire warning system) developed.
1980 High-quality crime-prevention electric key cylinder developed and launched in overseas market.
Flowmeter for undiluted chemical solution and mixing controller for the solution and water developed.
1981 Flame sensor for tunnel developed and marketed.
1982 Fair copying printer for highly accurate print position and fine printing developed and launched.
1983 A/D converter developed.
1984 Electric key cylinder launched in domestic market.
1985 KGK Corp. increases capital to 42 million yen.
KGK Corp. exhibits its electric key cylinder in Invention Expo and receives a special award.
Hotel key lock system developed.
Rotary solenoid developed.
KGK plays a role in development of fifth generation computer.
1986 Emergency call system developed for expressway in Malaysia.
1987 Displacement meter for tall building or electric power tower developed.
1988 High-speed image terminal system developed.
1990 G4 facsimile developed.
1991 High-speed image inspection system developed.
Kanazawa Research Center begins operations in Ishikawa prefecture.
1993 Technology Systems International (TSI) begins operations in Ireland.
Web Inspection System launched.
1995 Label Inspection System developed and marketed.
Lead Frame Inspection System launched.
Lead Frame Inspection System launched.
1996 New electromagnetic flowmeter developed and marketed.
CSP Tape Inspection System launched.
1999 Copper Foil (RCC) Inspection System marketed.
2000 CSP Frame Inspection System marketed.
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