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Image Inspection System
Inspection Solution
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Inspection Solution

An inspection machine is a device which finds defects on tapes with using images took by cameras. The main inspection devices we insist is a machine which inspects COF/TCP/TAB/FPC. Those tapes have got microscopic patterns.
It is used for inspecting defects you could see on patterns. As it's mentioned before, there are several kinds of tapes which include TAB/COF/CSP/FPC.
The extremely downsized element is created with combining an IC chip and a circuit board (tape) without any inferior. These donwsized components are used for LC TVs, plasmatic TVs, computers, cellular phones, video cameras, and printers, and that helps those products sizewise and performancewise. Our lives are surrounded by those devices. The image inspection machines absolutely support electrical products around us.
It is necessary to apply variey of technologies in order to create image inspection machines. We develop those technologies by ourselves.

  • Technology of Image Data Processing Software
    It is necessary to apply variey of algorithm in order to find defects from images took by cameras. We've been developing own algorithm for each type of defects or/and each tape.
  • Technology of Image Data Processing Hardware
    Cameras have to contain a mass of pixels in order to take clear images. It is necessary to apply image processing hardware in order to handle with these mass of data in proper speed. We've been developing high speed image processing board (IMTX series), which is our in-house development.
  • Highly Sophisticated Camera & Lighting Technology
    It is important to have clear images whenever defects are found. Clear images are taken by well performance cameras and lighting technologies. We are always listening to our customers and trying to satisfy their needs.

  • Mechanical Technology
    It is extremely important that tapes are correctly conveyed when images are taken by line sensor cameras. In other words, a tape has to be conveyed without any slip and meander in certain speed. We've been developing the mechanical technologies regarding tape conveyance.

KGK Inspection Solution

  1. How do I put a new tape product on the reels?
    We've got experiences and know-how regarding various tape inspection machines.
    We will offer solutions rapidly whenever our customers's got problems.
    Our staff is going to explain clearly enough how to handle with when a type of tape would be changed during training period.
  2. How do I take care of it when the alarm is went off, and a machine is stopped.
    The troubleshooting booklet will help you whenever problems happen. If you couldn't solve problems with this booklet, please feel free to contact KGK support group.
    Mail: support@kgk.co.jp
    Our staff will offer great support to our customers in order to use our products properly. We usually answer problems via Email or/and visiting customers' place directly if it's necessary.
  3. Tape production is becoming more productive in these days. Is there any way that we could handle with it properly?
    In case of using each kind of our machines, we also offer additional components for them in order to efficiently operate machines. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in additional components.
  4. How's machine adjusted when more fine tape products are requested to inspect?
    As the age advances, more and more specification is becoming complicated and including lots of requirements. Not only requiring fine resolution, but also requiring high speed tape conveyance and growth of tape width. We are always putting in the effort to be able to offer our customers updated technologies to meet their needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern. We are always happy to listen to your voice and glad to offer solutions for your problems.
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